Another Dark Bley Creation

This one is mine, though. It’s an addition to the Iron Mountain Legion theme that I’ve been tinkering with on and off lately. I wanted to keep with the overall style of that theme, which meant large bulky armor pieces. It also requires somewhat comic proportions, hence the tall turret.

I wanted this creation to look overtly functional. I tried to add interesting details to support that style, such as the winch and textured armor pieces. This was also the reason that there are so many vents pointing in various directions, so that it looks like it could be held in position by their thrust.

Iron Mountain Legion Prototype Hover Tank

7 comments on “Another Dark Bley Creation

  1. lennybobenny

    I appreciate how much you explain the thoughts behind the madness (or MOCness) in your recent few posts. It helps me approach the work. But even more so, I appreciate the choice of awesome dark bley creations. I should prolly send you my box of it so at least someone will build with it.


  2. Anasazi

    Wow, that’s amazing. One of the best bley creations I’ve seen since RAMM. The only problem I have with it is the barrel, it could be more geometric and not as round, since the rest of the creation is, greebled and has sharper edges. Amazing greebles. I commend you Daniel.

  3. Primus

    Personally, I think that the rounded barrel provides a nice contrast against the other sharp edges of the tank. Also, rounded barrels are much more practical than square ones.

  4. Dan Post author

    Regarding the barrel, I prototyped several different guns for this thing. I tried a square, a thinner gun with an expanded radius near the tip (using these, and this one. The square didn’t work, because it was too orthogonal, the rest of the creation is angular, but it’s short on right angles. This is the gun that ended up looking best to me, and the roundness balanced out the angles nicely, in my opinion.

  5. Creative Anarchy

    Its really imaginative, the detailed design is very cool. I also like the big barrel, it gives the model a lot of attitude as a tank. I do have a littlevproblem with the overall look. It seems to have a very high profile and a lot of open facing from the front profile of the tank, places where incoming fire would be drawn into the structure rather than deflected. I know Brick as a medium doesn’t offer much in the way of smooth curving surfaces. Just reworking the turret a little to have it sit more flat and constructing some kind of shield for the base of the barrel would really make it more tank-y looking in my opinion.

  6. Dan Post author

    There’s an explanation for the stylistic choice of a tall turret right there in the post, dude. I’m well aware that a lower profile turret would be more realistic, but with this theme I’ve been deliberately going for a somewhat comical look. Think of something like Metal Slug. Personally, I feel that the chubby proportions fit well with the proportions of the LEGO minifig.

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