I think I’m obsessed with sky-fi

Is there a contest going on that I’m not aware of? The recent crop of sky-fi fighters makes it seem as though dieselpulp may be replacing steampunk as the fan-created theme du jour.

Anyway, I couldn’t blog the more recent fighters by other builders and pass up my favorite, the P-79 Stratofighter “Steel Wind” by Jon Hall:

LEGO sky-fi fighter

The judicious sticker usage and gorgeous presentation truly enhance what would be an awesome fighter regardless.

2 comments on “I think I’m obsessed with sky-fi

  1. TheBrickster

    Talk about some beautiful photo-editing. The colors are very nice as well. Great imagery here.

  2. Ignited_Impulse

    Man do I love Diesel-punk. Much better than steam-punk. I’m not a big anime fan but I’d love to see someone tackle the fighters from sky crawlers.

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