Brickworld 2010 sci-fi collaboration displays

If you are attending Brickworld in June, you probably know that the theme for this year is space. More specifically, there are four collaboration displays designed to accommodate a variety of sci-fi creations. Here are the details:

The Space Frontiers display is a collection of space crafts and objects found in space. The guidelines are simple: if it flies or floats in space, then it has a place. You’re encouraged to build a stand for small or medium-sized creations so that your ships do not appear docked on the table.

The Renegade Planet display is dedicated to mechs and ground vehicles of the sci-fi genre. The overarching theme is a planet for outcasts who have built these mechs and vehicles to survive and conquer. You are encouraged to bring tan baseplate(s) that covers the area of your model. Feel free to build an outpost or other small desert structures.

The Vic Viper Fly-In display is a collection of Vic Vipers in memory of Nate “nnenn” Nielson, who passed away in April. There are many ways to build a Vic Viper, and there’s no shortage of inspiration from Novvember or the Vic Vipers Flickr group.

The Modern Warfare display is a collection of infantry, vehicles, and combat-torn buildings set in a sub-apocalyptic world based on the Modern Warfare video game. If you’re interested, there’s an active Flickr group that has everything you need to know to participate, including details on how to receive a free contributor’s pack from BrickArms.

Lastly, a huge thanks to Tyler Clites for creating the graphics for the first three space displays.

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  1. Creative Anarchy

    I don’t get it. When it comes to AFOL culture I don’t get a lot of things. I do a fair amount of inspiration surfing outside of brothers brick and there are a lot of cool themes amoung Flicker MOCs and MOC pages, stuff that really lets you showcase your creativity and flex your ABS muscles. These themes really feel like they limit options for building and encourage mostly smaller contributions to the collaboration. I’d have to hope that there are a group of core builders that are really in love with these themes that have solid ideas and plans. It could be personal bias against the themes but othing in these descriptions would motivate me to come out to Brickworld.

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