Massive LEGO Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi built from thousands of LEGO bricks

The Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi looks impressive and a fine work of architecture that would be based on something a real landmark, but little would you guess that ¬†Tony Sava‘s amazing LEGO cathedral is actually fictional, based on St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City and Chartres Cathedral in France.

If one is not impressed enough, what you see on the outside walls simply scratches the surface of what’s inside. Tony designed and built a nave to fit a full congregation for a proper wedding ceremony or weekly mass.


Built intricately with stained-glass windows that are perfect for ambient lighting to flow through, it embraces the very same atmosphere of stepping into an embodiment of a holy sanctuary.



The cathedral is full of detailing that will make your eyes wander in awe, such as a piped organ to fill the halls with heavenly music.


A red-carpeted aisle and a pulpit and accessories like the floor candle holders add to the detailing.


Building with such details is not without its toil. From concept to completion took about 5 months with serious architectural and blueprint planning with layouts and dimensions.

Cathedral of St. Francis WIP 02

Cathedral of St. Francis WIP 12

Cathedral of St. Francis WIP 13

The finished work and time spent is definitely an architectural piece to appreciate and be in awe of.


Lego Cathedral St. Francis of Assisi

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