The Fastest and Funniest LEGO Star Wars story ever told

dzine123 brings us the full story of the Star Wars Trilogy condensed into ~2 minutes as told by a kid with one heck of a LEGO collection :)

EDIT: Regardless of the voice talent, this was actually created by LEGO, not “a kid with one heck of a LEGO collection.”

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  1. Sarah

    Just to quell my jealous heart, I like to think that the people who were thanked in the credits all loaned different SW sets to make this video. Not that one kid had all those sets! :-D

    Now they just need to do the prequels!

  2. Buster

    Wait, I saw this on, leading me to believe that it was something TLG put together. What’s the full story here?

  3. Ochre Jelly

    @buster: I reckon its from TLC too. I first came across it via Joe Meno who claimed to have got it from someone in LEGO Brand Relations. And that particular YouTube account doesn’t seem to have much else in it, so I’m guessing its either some random person re-uploading the thing, or some secret ‘front’ for TLC! If anyone can shed any light on the mystery, spill now!

  4. Andrew

    Yes, this is “official.” I got this from Brand Relations too, but just hadn’t watched the video yet to see if it was worth posting.

  5. brickbums

    Lucky i have those sets , even luckier i got me a bnib 1349 spielberg studio for my birthday , unlucky i got no talent , who ever made that film is pure genius .

  6. Spyder

    That video was really really good for the age of that kid who voiced it. I would tend to think it was something TLG at least helped with, or knew about.

  7. L.G. Orlando

    I recognize the cinematography (every artist seems to have some distinct finger print). Likely from this animator:

    He won the Lego Nickelodeon contest some years back. I bet he got the budget money for those sets from the contest proceeds (about $10000 at the time); Or TLC flat out paid for it. Great stuff!

  8. Thunder-blade

    I find it highly unlikely that the kid who voiced this film also animated it. It was great though!

    The user on YouTube has a channel that’s just full of reposted stuff, so I doubt this source is where it came from.

  9. TheBrickster

    Very enjoyable film. It’s neat to see such an abbreviated version of this epic story. I especially liked the quick transition to the Empire Strikes Back with the AT-AT. In addition, I actually think the voice really adds to the film. Great job and thanks for sharing w/ the LEGO community.

  10. JimmytheJ

    I’m glad it’s not his lego. If it was, I’d consider him an epic jerk-particularly as all the names are dumbed down, he doesn’t do the impressions right and I don’t think a kid his age can properly tell/understand star wars anyway.


  11. GrayMattR

    JimmyJ, dude, chill. The kid was probably told exactly how to inflect everything for the humor value. I thought it was funny. Besides, we all know Justin Beiber isn’t Einstein.

  12. garrett

    L.G. Orlando wins, I’m surprised by his sleuthing!! Yes, this is an official production, I created all the sets and animation (Garrett Barati – grey4484) and LEGO gave me the script and then took care of all the audio and added some great complimentary cg effects (thanks Scott!).

    Believe it or not, piece count probably isn’t nearly as high as you think, though some kits were hard for even Lego to track down, its all about what is on camera. But lots from my personal collection!

    I’ll shed more light later, there seems to be some confusion in marketing…

  13. skeptic

    A waste of some really great talent. I liked StarWars when I saw it, 30 years ago. How about something original it’s 2010.

  14. David

    Man, some of you kids are a bunch of turds.
    Would love to have a background-story article for BB, Garrett!

  15. Brad

    ^ Agreed! This is neat and fun. I think it really fits with the sense of humor presented in the LEGO video games.

    Speaking of, I have to admit that THIS is what I had in mind when I imagined what the games would look like. I love all the brick built backgrounds and really hoped that all of the models and backgrounds in LEGO Star Wars would follow that course.

  16. Brendan Powell Smith

    Great builds! Very impressive, Garrett. But something about this presentation rubs me the wrong way. It seems designed to fool you into thinking it was conceived of and created by a child LEGO fan. But the script sounds like what I’m sure it is: an adult (or group of adults) trying to sound like a child. And I guess LEGO thinks this sort of video has a better chance of going viral if it doesn’t come off as “pushed” by LEGO. But it is pushed by LEGO. So that’s weird.

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