Mirage, radio the others. Megatron’s in for a very large shock.

It’s very rare that we’ll blog two separate creations by a builder in one day, but both these models by the talented Alex Schranz (Orion Pax) deserve closer attention. Alex’s Optimus Prime transforms completely from semi truck to robot:

LEGO Optimus Prime Transformer

The trailer includes a remote-controlled Roller, and Optimus Prime’s chest contains the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Two months in the making, I don’t think I’ve seen a more accurate or complete LEGO Optimus Prime.

7 comments on “Mirage, radio the others. Megatron’s in for a very large shock.

  1. toomtoom

    Oh. my… It’s hard to bring across in words just how much I need this.

    Makes you wonder why there are official LEGO crossovers with Ben10 and not Transformers!

  2. Skorp2k9

    DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN!!!!!!! Dude that is so sweet, it makes mine look so very amaturish (spelling?) man this is so nice Orion u have outdone yourself yet again!

  3. LegoDad42

    A true masterpiece of Lego craftmanship.
    Alex Schranz has made by far the best Lego Transformer ever!
    It’s a work of art.

  4. Andrew Saada

    Agree with the first comment.

    I want one.

    This is so so so great. TLG hope you are taking notice. When’s the next anniversary of Transformers??

  5. TFcollect

    Now, why do us tf/ lego fans NOT get this and get those horrible diablock and built to rule figures! If you haven’t seen them consider yourself lucky…..

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