After the storm, indeed.

Lolas has done an excellent job capture the simple chaos after the storm, complete with tree roots, unintentional swimming sessions, and general mayhem.

I’m not totally sure how I missed the rest of his phenomenal creations, but I highly recommend taking a moment to check out the rest of his page. He’s got some GREAT things in there, including entries to Classic Castle’s recent contests.

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  1. Andrew

    ^ Seriously? I would argue that it’s the other way around.

    That said, I’ve never made this an issue, I give the benefit of the doubt to the bloggers at legobloggen and assume that they either have the same sources we do or simply don’t know blogging etiquette about proper use of the “via” link.

    It does feel odd when we blog something that has virtually no views somewhere, and then it shows up on legobloggen after we blog it, with no indication whatsoever that they encountered it first here.

    For a first comment, you’re certainly not starting out on a very positive note.

  2. Wilhelmlikeslego

    ^ the only reason I even created this account was so that i could complain about brothers-brick doing this. I know for a fact that legobloggen is first posting the stuff i’m talking about. I visit both of these blogs quite frequently so uhmm… yeah

    I’ll try to say something positive the next time I comment, I promise.

  3. steffeystudios

    From a neutral standpoint… I’ve never visited LegoBloggen before, but from looking at the last few weeks of posts, it seems like both TBB and LegoBloggen have posted some creations first, and some the day after.

    At the very worst, both sides are guilty and you’ve had to endure reading a few repeated posts. But considering the posting of Nannan’s Death Ring, I vote we give TBB the benefit of the doubt.

  4. Caylin Post author

    ^^ So the fact that I happen to be on staff at CC (and therefore browse there frequently), where this was posted on 3/14/10, is of little consequence? Considering, you see, that’s where I found it.

    Should we find creations via another blog, we link them and say that. We do it a lot. We’ve no problem doing that.

    On another note, I had no idea legobloggen even existed. So thanks for a new link.

  5. Starwars4J

    This seems more like a bad attempt at getting a bump in views for that legobloggen site. TBB is kinda known for being the best blog out there, and you guys constantly cite where you find things (especially from other blogs, there are plenty of examples even on the front page of this), so I think we all know you aren’t “stealing news” from them. How someone can even steal blog posts about publicly-displayed MOCs is another confounding matter entirely.

    So please, don’t apologize.

  6. The Mad Physicist

    I was aware of “lego bloggen” (if only because it shows up in my flickr stats now and then). I think accusations of anybody ‘stealing’ blog posts from anybody are completely baseless. If you have several different people looking at new LEGO models on flickr to find the most interesting ones posted every day there is bound to be considerable overlap.

    On another note, if TBB were to ‘steal’ blog posts, then why the hell is my Porsche 935 not on here ;-) ?

    Lovely MOC by the way. It looks very organic.

  7. Dan

    I really like the structures and landscaping in this creation. I hate the brick border pattern effect that the trans blue tiles give the water, though.

  8. mirandir

    @Wilhelmlikeslego & @Andrew: I’m the editor on Legobloggen. I belive we have pretty much the same sources. I litterally spend hours on flickr, mocpages and diverse LEGO-communities looking for new stuff to post and discover new talented builders to add as a contact/favourite.

    I rarely visit this blog just because I know that we post a alot of the same stuff. If I did visit here I would feel forced to add those via-links on cool stuff I just found that has already been posted here. Which I believe is usually the case. After all The Brothers Brick has several contributors and on Legobloggen it’s just me. And I really really don’t wan’t to be just a Swedish translation of The Brothers Brick.

    But I couldn’t stay away this time when I noticed this discussion during a google search.

  9. mirandir

    @Starwars4J: Nope. It’s not any such attempts from me. I’ve got other means to attract visitors. I’ve currently got almost 2500 Unique hits per month as a blog about LEGO purely in Swedish. Which is a pretty good number and way more than I could ever have dreamed of when I started the blogg.

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