Stirring the pot

I like all the simple clever techniques and the sheer range of elements used by Michael Jasper to make this little scene of Miraculix Panoramix brewing a potion. Lots of “What is that?” and “How did he do that?” to keep the eye entertained.

LEGO Michael Jasper Miraculix Panoramix

Via Classic-Castle.

6 comments on “Stirring the pot

  1. IanxIntrospect

    AH C’est magnifique!

    My mother grew up in a french speaking country and used to watch Asterix the gaul, so when I was young she found a video of it for us. It’s probably the best cartoon show ever.

  2. IanxIntrospect

    I’m going to wager that he’s stirring up a pot of the magic strength potion that gives the gauls their fantastic strength so that they can fight off the romans

  3. kongjirra

    Here’s a funny note:
    In the English versions he’s called “Getafix”
    A cute pun on the fact he makes magic potion for the tribe and they have to “get their fix” of it from him…

  4. eti

    Ianxintrospect, it’s actually a comic, not a cartoon… it’s one of the best comics ever but the cartoon is just a bit less impressive.

    What a great Panoramix / Miracolix! (Or Getafix, I like that English name). Fantastic part use, I love that crown for a splash. And the classic legs for a robe.
    I’m not sure I recognize the brown/grey thing he holds, is that Lego?

  5. Jojo

    Being a huge fan of Asterix I cant help but have to comment on this. Because it’s brilliant.

    (The brown and tan things are peculiarly coloured lever handles.)

  6. talltim

    Asterix was part of my childhood and I still have most of the books. The English translators definatly earned their money. Great built, love the crown splash

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