Girl identifies Star Wars minifigs with her mouth

A girl appeared on a German TV show to identify Star Wars minifigs, not through any conventional way of referencing Peeron or Bricklink but by using her mouth! I’d say that’s a pretty useful skill to have, don’t you think?

Via Boing Boing.

15 comments on “Girl identifies Star Wars minifigs with her mouth

  1. brendanpowellsmith

    This may seem silly, but I had to use this very same skill when I was trapped down a well for 30 days but still needed to add new stories to The Brick Testament. Fortunately it’s easy to differentiate God, Jesus, and Satan in my mouth. God is bitter, Jesus is salty, and Satan is sweet.

  2. Catsy

    I’d say that’s a pretty useful skill to have, don’t you think?

    I’d say that she’s going to be very popular in college as an adult. :)

  3. LegoLyons

    Drat, I’ve have been telling my 3 year for nearly a year to not put LEGO in his mouth. Just think he may of ended up on German TV!!

  4. abdamit

    I live in germany and this show call`s “Wetten Das” !^^ I saw this episode ^^

    Ps frome where do you have this episode ?? O.ô

  5. brendanpowellsmith

    Yes, I too would pay to fly that girl to the US, cover her lodging and incidental expenses, and pay her a reasonable hourly fee to help me identify collector’s figs through the poly bags. ;)

  6. Octopunk

    I think you’re all missing the point. The point is that the b&w artoo goggles are the coolest eyewear ever. Maybe not so good for driving.

  7. porschecm2

    Wow. The talent itself doesn’t seem all that hard, as most of the headgear readily distinguishes the figs from one another. It’s the whole fact that she got on a tv show, which took her very seriously, instead of her just getting a short video on youtube, that’s the oddest thing, to me.

  8. Creative Anarchy

    Great. Another thing to add to the the list of things my girlfriend doesn’t do with her mouth. Thanks a lot Nannan.

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