Voyager 5

Rodney Bistline (Busterr) can always be counted on for an interesting creation. His space ships usually tend towards the fun, cartoonish side. Today he’s given us something different, instead of a space action hero, it’s a ship from the dawn of man’s steps into the stars.

This thing is half space probe, half fighter. As such, the name is very appropriate, although the Trekkie in me might have preferred “V’ger.” This ship has a fascinating asymmetry, but still manages to feel balanced. I’m probably the only person who remembers the star fighters from the opening of Lost In Space, but this ship reminds me of them.

Voyager 5 Space Fighter/Probe

3 comments on “Voyager 5

  1. buriedbybricks

    ^ Ditto. I’ve been working on one on and off for months. Just can’t get the cockpit the way I want it…

  2. Big C

    The bubble fighter was the only cool thing about that entire movie.

    This ship is excellent. Excellent canopy, and the port cannon looks wicked. Kudos for using all the radar dishes while still making it look just streamlined enough.

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