Legohaulic’s walking biped revolutionizes mecha building

Seemingly another well-designed mecha, the Element Commune by Tyler Clites (Legohaulic) features interesting color accents that give it a defining look…

It wasn’t until I watched the accompanying video that I saw it walks! This is the first walking biped mecha that also boosts aesthetics, and to think many of us are still trying to get our mechs to stand up long enough to photograph…

3 comments on “Legohaulic’s walking biped revolutionizes mecha building

  1. Thanel

    Those are indeed fantastic color highlights. Pretty while still having a functional looking blocky torso. And no, I’m not offended by the gun show. Group hug? ;)

  2. kunert

    So cute that brought a smile to my face. That thing would go down like ED-209 in a stairwell.

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