LEGO Board Games now available in U.S. [News]

The very much anticipated LEGO Board Games are now available from the LEGO Shop online: NEW from LEGO® Shop LEGO Games. Play a new way.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, LEGO has informed us that release plans changed at the last minute and LEGO Board Games will not be released in Canada until later this year. Their release is U.S. only for the time being. Sorry, eh?

9 comments on “LEGO Board Games now available in U.S. [News]

  1. proudlove

    Apparently they’re not available in Canada. Any word as to them becoming so in the future?

  2. Memsochet

    For everybody who didn’t see this an hour ago, and both have the Creationary back ordered.

  3. peterlegowizard

    Id love some of those new peices (jack o lantern heads) PS, yay an easier way to get zombie heads that isnt through lego castle!

  4. Andrew Post author

    @proudlove: In case you hadn’t noticed the title change, I’ve received confirmation from TLG that release to the Canadian market has been delayed for the time being. The person communicating this to me wasn’t told a reason themselves, nor did they have a specific timeline on when Canadians will be able to get these. Sorry!

  5. GMan

    Huh, only five games are shown on Are the others going to be rolled out later in the year?

  6. proudlove

    Meh, whatever, they’re probably too much money here anyway. Does somebody wanna save a Monster 4 for me? :)

  7. Brickwares

    I have Creationary, got it for Xmas, and have to say it’s really not that cool. Any of you could easily recreate what’s in the box in no time at all. The board games seem more like something for non AFOLs.

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