eMonthly Build Challenge on Classic Castle: Medieval Weapons

Hey, all you lurking Castle Lovers out there, I will be hosting a monthly build challenge on Classic Castle. The first challenge is life-size Medieval Weapons. No other rules. That’s right. No rules. So give it whirl, hop over there, and show us what you can do.

Here’s an example, to get the creative juices flowing:
Lego Medieval Weapons Flail

9 comments on “eMonthly Build Challenge on Classic Castle: Medieval Weapons

  1. Ochre Jelly

    I think the winner should be decided by a series of actual duals with these weapons (…thereby re-enforcing that particular fanboy stereotype :D)

  2. Josh Post author

    ^That would be very cool. Your “space” weapons are awesome. I’d love to see what you could come up with in a different genre.

  3. Josh Post author

    ^Yes, Ian, whatever you say. Don’t worry, the nice men in white will be here soon to take you to a safe place. :-)

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