Jumping on the primopoc slavewagon

This primopoc slave transport by Bart De Dobbelaer is continuing his streak of clever and silly scenes that are well executed.

LEGO PRIMO Bart de Dobbelaer primopoc slave transport

I too am a fan of primopoc, but not so much of slavery. After the pointcounterpoint intellectual property editorials followed by two posts about modern military depictions, it seemed to be the responsible thing to follow yesterday’s slavery themed post with another. Symmetry.

Is it funny just because it’s primo? Does the smiling leashed PRIMO female figure in the background make it funny, or too messed up? Where are the boundaries? Is it okay because it’s not a depiction of modern slavery?

[In case any of you are wondering, even I’m reaching the end of my ability to continue these debates, so I don’t plan on doing similar posts for a bit. Back to featuring basic creations.]

12 comments on “Jumping on the primopoc slavewagon

  1. Octopunk

    I haven’t been keeping track of the debate so far, but I have a slave ship WIP that’s got me guessing along similar lines. A half dozen Slave Leias with different heads and hair, collared etc etc. The excuse I keep falling back on in my head is that she character is called SLAVE Leia, I didn’t make that up. But I still tuck the thing out of sight when company comes over.

    The Primo slave build is funny if you accept the accompanying darkness, and darkness is fine in the abstract. I guess it’s all about the potential audience, i.e. should TBB tuck this build away when certain company comes over.

    Great build, btw. My favorite part is the happy eyes on the front of the vehicle behind that black grille.

  2. Ryan H.

    Ah, now it works. I guess it’s just my computer, but sometimes flickr pictures show zoomed, pixelized versions of other pictures rather than the real one.

  3. Bunbrick

    Andrew said: “At this point, I think it’s conscious self-parody. My “Escalation” post certainly was. ;-) ”

    Aww, man. And you had me replying all serious and sheet there just a bit ago. :-(

    On a sidenote (mostly to self), i always get way too far behind with keeping up with this site on the weekends… Don’t you people have shabbats or something? :-o Or is that question best left for the ‘Slave I’ thread? :-p

  4. Andrew

    Bunbrick wrote: “Don’t you people have shabbats or something?” Does usually not posting on Friday night through Saturday count? :-P

    (More seriously, it seems like we’ve been posting on weekends more and more often lately, mainly because our real lives have kept us busier than in the past during the regular week.)

  5. Bunbrick

    Hey, that’s cool, man. And don’t you guys for a sec take that random observation as criticism. :-) Just started feeling a bit ‘overwhelmed’ by all the debate-threads following eachother up oh so rapidly. :-p

    Meanwhile i’ll check out whatever you guys post, whenever you post it. Even if it might sometimes take a bit to get to it all, it’s always worth it. Keep up the good work. Cheers for the reply.

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