But I don’t have enough bricks

Cole Blaqs alternate

Thanks to the new LEGO Remix pool on flickr I’ve uncovered not one, but two excellent builds made using only the pieces from one or two set. Alternate set builds are a great way to get creative without access to a lot of bricks like when you’re on holidays. Cole Blaq‘s Rat Rod (above) is made from 5867 Super Car while Jim Devona’s (anoved) Asymmetrical Starfighter (below) is made from sets 8969 and 8630.

Jim Devonas alternate

2 comments on “But I don’t have enough bricks

  1. Will Will

    Wow, great stuff. For some reason, I find myself more impressed and awestruck by the ability to take the pieces from a set and “remix” them. Perhaps it’s because that’s what I had to do as a kid with very little LEGO resources. Now I have the resources, but having too much LEGO can restrict the creativity, too.

    I’m new to the LEGO Remix thing. Might have missed a blog about it or something, but HOLY COW! — if I wasn’t amazed by what I saw! That Clone Trooper Battle Pack/Millennium Falcon remix is AMAZING! Seeing as I have tonnes of these battle packs from trying to score Chrome Vaders, I gave it a try.

    Creative indeed! I wish all the contributors to the pool would/could read this, so they’d know how impressed I am by them. Makes me smile. Nice! Thanks for the amazing work/pictures/blog/everything.

  2. anoved

    Hi, Will. I’m glad you like the Remix group! It’s not surprising that you hadn’t heard about it before, because I just started the group a week or two ago. This is our first “coverage” outside a few Flickr comments.

    I agree that building alternate models is a good creative exercise. I think it challenges you to find ways to frugally represent or suggest shapes instead of building them literally.

    Plus it is cheap. :-)

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