An unpleasant surprise for Guderian

I’ve just finished reading a couple books about the war on the eastern front in WWII, so it was good to see this model by Henrik Hoexbroe of a Soviet T-34 tank. I especially like all the equipment attached to the exterior and the little red flag on the back.

LEGO Henrik Hoexbroe T-34 tank

For those of you who are extreme nerds like me, yes I know it’s a 1944 model, so it probably wasn’t as much of a surprise for the wermacht as the 1940 model. I took a little artistic license.

8 comments on “An unpleasant surprise for Guderian

  1. Magnus

    We’ve seen many T-34s, but this one really does a good job of capturing the curves on the turret. Big, heavy, and rugged, just like the real thing!

  2. albero78

    Hei as soon as I saw this on Brickshelf I immediately send the link to my friends who are WWII buffs as well. Of course they really appreciated it.
    I really liked the detail of the red flag.
    It’s a great MOC.

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