Hi-res images of 8098 Clone Turbo Tank and 8089 Hoth Wampa Cave

Wired.com brings us the first high resolution images of two out of the six upcoming Star Wars sets coming this August. The Clone Turbo Tank will retail for $120 while Wampa Cave will go for $40.

21 comments on “Hi-res images of 8098 Clone Turbo Tank and 8089 Hoth Wampa Cave

  1. Will Will

    Yeeeeah… hmmmm. Just what I needed — another freaking snow speeder that is completely unnecessary, and probably drives up the retail price by over 20 dollars!

    The preliminary box at shows that it’s 297 pieces. A Tie Defender is 304 @ USD 49.99. My best guess is this Wampa set will cost 40 bucks — maybe more. Is that worth it? No.

    It could have been a fun, little, inexpensive diorama, but they throw in a bunch of filler. I wish they would have went small like the new “Luke’s Landspeeder” set.

    Of course I going to freaking buy it, but I’m growing a little more disgruntled each time I see “double-dipping” and outrageous prices.


    The Turbo Tank — meh… I’d love the new minifigs, but could totally ditch the rest of it.

  2. diegohc

    Just like Will Will said, I like the 2 new minifigs for the turbo tank, but I ain’t spending $120 for them. I prefer buying them separate. The turbo tank design is pretty disappointing, I hate how the wheels are connected by that large piece, looks unstable.

    Im definetely getting the Wampa Attack set cause I don’t have the snowspeeder yet, the wampa is kind of cool, the only thing I would rather change is the Zev Senesca (don’t know if I spelled it right) for another pilot, like Dack (a redesigned one). Why is it so hard for Lego to create new designs?

  3. David4

    The snow speeder is supposedly $40 and I think that’s a great price. All LEGO sets need to have a vehicle in it (unless it’s Castle) because they sell more.

    $25 for a snow speeder and only $15 for the cave? Look at the last set with a new Star Wars creature. It’s $25 for 4 minifigures and 150 pieces!

  4. Fred

    120 is mighty high. $80 seems a little more in line with my expectations. I’m generally done with Star wars for 2-3 years now. I have enough gray plates to last a lifetime

  5. Daedalus

    Not having a snow speeder, I was initially pretty excited about the Wampa set. The more I look at it though, the more I’m souring on the wampa itself. From the angle here, it looks too kiddish, like a cross between those Muggs things and the cartoony SW mini figures. If 40 bucks is correct, no thanks.

    The high price point has kept me away from the SW line for years; I’ve caved a few times recently, but it seems like they’re getting out of hand.

  6. David4

    $10 sets now a days have 65ish pieces, times that by 4 and you still have less peieces than the Snow Speeder. LEGO prices in general these days have been really insane.

  7. CrustaceanFreak

    The snowspeeder doesn’t look too different from the last one I bought (I think it was 2004 or so, around the same era as the first AT-AT). It all looks so “meh”. I am looking forward to the new Slave I, but for now, I’ll save my money for Creator and Space Police.

  8. alldarker

    I’m actually glad the Snowspeeder hasn’t changed all that much. Continually changing designs would make it pretty hard to make a uniform looking ‘army’ of sorts, which for some collectors is part of the fun. This fits in well with the 4500 Snowspeeder and the 7666 Snowspeeder. I like both of these sets, even as a mostly OT collector, and the upcoming Slave I is great too.

    As a European, I’ll not even go near the whole price discussion, save to say that if I picked these up in the States at full price, even at a TRU, I would still save a LOT of money compared to buying these at my local shops…

  9. Ochre Jelly

    Yeah, that tank set definitely follows Lego’s past SW tactic, of putting the most ‘desirable’ new figs in the most expensive set. And that’s a pretty disappointing tank design right there, compared to similar sets with more awesome designs, like the Republic Attack Gunship 7676.

  10. kunert

    Putting a snow speeder in that Wampa set makes no sense play-wise. Including a Tauntaun instead would make perfect sense.

  11. Puddleglum

    ^The snowspeeder make sense, since it was Zev I believe who picked up Han and Luke the next morning. What doesn’t make sense is the lack of Han & Tauntaun. It’s like

  12. Puddleglum

    Ooops, to finish the thought:

    It would be like having a set with luke, droids, landspeeder, tusken raiders, and burnt Lars home, and somehow leaving out obi-wan.

  13. kunert

    OK, I didn’t think of that (pretty much an off-camera event), but still. I’m pretty cynical about LEGO forcing the purchase of two 7749 sets just to get yer basic 2 Tautauns.

  14. Brickwares

    Damn, is it just me, or does it seem like the designers of the Clone Wars vehicles have a bet to see who can make theirs the most ludicrous and terrible looking?

  15. Thanel

    I got a tauntaun sleeping bag for x-mas. It has intestines inside and a lightsaber zipper pull. That’s as much sense as I can add.

  16. spinner11

    Cad Bane [the blue guy] is so cool. Also the new rebel pilot is amazing. And the new twilek minifig is so cool.

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