Blood in the Snow

Carter Baldwin posted a creation a few days ago that’s feeling pretty relevant to me right now. Here in DC, we’re expecting a snowfall of up to two feet.

While stuck inside, I’ve been splitting my time between building, and looking for things to blog here. Carter’s creation hit just the right cord for me. The fact that it’s well built helps too. This is a great looking cliff face, and the icicles (using some sort of aftermarket part) are a very nice touch.

Blood in the Snow

It’s also the trophy for a contest!

6 comments on “Blood in the Snow

  1. Catsy

    @Dano: I thought the bayonets were a production BA piece? I could’ve sworn I’d seen them before, anyway.

  2. the enigma that is badger

    @The BrickArms Bayonet hasn’t seen mass production . . . yet. I can’t comment on when exactly it will be added to the BrickArms site, but I can say Will has big plans for 2010 that are shaping up VERY nicely!

  3. the enigma that is badger

    Sorry, I meant @Catsy above!

    @Dano Producing custom accessories of the quality of BrickArms products takes time, but given the precision of detail and high-quality of the final products, I think they’re more then worth the wait!

    Definitely need to note this as well: that’s easily one of the most creative uses of the BrickArms Bayonet I’ve ever seen. Nice work, Carter!

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