English Jacobean mansion by Anthony De Wynter

After emerging from a 20-year dark ages without LEGO, Anthony De Wynter recently finished this fantastic English mansion in the Jacobean style.

LEGO English Jacobean mansion

Anthony says the building grew rather organically — “I just layed out a floor plan which fitted the desk top and started to build” — in much the same way that old English manors did over the centuries. Read more and see lots of other pictures on MOCPages.

4 comments on “English Jacobean mansion by Anthony De Wynter

  1. Herman

    Wow. One tip though, make photo’s with a real camera instead of a phone, these images don’t do the structure the justice it deserves. And if you can afford to build something that big, well a camera shouldn’t be too much trouble.

  2. Josh

    @Ochre Jelly – Thanks for pointing it out. I just fixed it and we will never let Andrew live it down. I think we’ll have to mention it in blog posts for at least the rest of the week. ;)

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