Amazing A380

Ryans LEGO Qantas A380
(link goes to creator’s Eurobricks post)

It’s taken me a while but I’ve finally managed to get the review up for Ryan McNaught’s excellent A380 model as debuted at Brickvention last weekend. While the sculpting and other building techniques are highly impressive they are only the wrapping on this excellent model.

Firstly it also includes a fully detailed interior featuring scenes from five different movies. It also had some other features that may be visible in closeups. Try to spot them all.

Secondly it includes a large a large range of powered features including retractable landing gear and working engines which are all controlled by an A380 control panel on a touchscreen computer. Great mindstorms fun even on a regular model but on the A380 truly spectacular.

And finally Ryan is also selling a mini version of the A380. A got my girlfriend to build the kit to provide a ‘lay’ perspective. She said it was easy enough to build from the included instructions although she found some aspects of them strange and a little confusing. I can’t find the pictures and details right now but rather than make you wait for the main meal I’ll edit some in tomorrow.

Overall it was a very deserving best-of-show at the convention and sets the bar high for future minifig-scale plane building efforts. Truly an impressive model.

And for our American readers Ryan will be taking it to Brickworld in Chicago in June. If you’re in the neighbourhood I highly recommend checking it out in real life. Pictures honestly cannot do it justice.