Armed Courier

Soren Roberts has built a new micro-scale ship. It merges curved and angled elements into an interesting and cohesive shape. I’ve never liked building space craft in red, personally, but this one works, with just enough of other colors to impart a sense of reality.

This photo is of the underside of the ship, which is also my favorite side.

Soren's Armed Courier

3 comments on “Armed Courier

  1. Marc Nelson Jr.

    What’s up with all the small pictures I’ve been seeing on Flickr lately? Doesn’t everyone have those 12MP cameras these days?

    Surely, if any subject could use a big, 3000 pixel-wide image, it’s LEGO. Flickr even takes care of all the resizing for you.

  2. Dan Post author

    Most people do upload larger files, but only their contacts can see them. I’m working on uploading a creation soon, and it will have higher res images, you can check em.

  3. gambort

    Unless it’s a big diorama or other large model I don’t really see what a giant picture adds. If you can see the details then you don’t need to see every last pixel. I’ll keep mine to 1280×960 which is more than enough for what I want. For anything larger I’ll zoom in on interesting bits.

    I reckon I could reverse engineer this model from these pictures. Which in my opinion means the resolution is high enough.

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