Stately and tasty serendipity

I had these on my list to blog today anyway, which happened to coincide with Nannan’s announcement of the 10211 Grand Emporium, which I love. How serendipitous.

The first is this stately corner building by Allan (a-corb).

LEGO a-corb corner building

The second is this tasty looking pirate ice creamery by Philip Stark (Erdbeeris1). Aaargh! Yummy.

LEGO Erdbeereis1 pirate ice cream

5 comments on “Stately and tasty serendipity

  1. notenoughbricks

    Both creations are stunning! This is why this is my favorite LEGO theme. Not only are the official sets from LEGO amazing, detailed and lifelike, they have also inspired the community to turn out equally awesome creations like these here.
    Great work!

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