LEGO Prince of Persia available for pre-order on Amazon [News]

The upcoming LEGO Prince of Persia sets in April 2010 are available for pre-order at Amazon. More importantly, this also means that high-res images of the set are now available. Click on each image to open up the pre-order page, which also includes additional pictures of the set.

Despite the fact that The Brothers Brick posted these images in good faith based on their public availability on, the LEGO Group has threatened legal action against The Brothers Brick if we do not remove them. Even though solving the LEGO Group’s information security issues is not the responsibility of a news site such as The Brothers Brick, and even though our use of images revealed elsewhere, for the purposes of discussion and review here, falls under the Fair Use clause of United States copyright law, we don’t have the resources to pick a fight with a multi-billion-dollar international corporation such as the LEGO Group, so images have been removed at their request. -ed


16 comments on “LEGO Prince of Persia available for pre-order on Amazon [News]

  1. parchioso

    Camels and Ostrich! These are wonderful additions, the series are very useful for building desert MOCs, and all we need to do is probably going to the beach…

  2. Sarah

    Thanks for the heads up! I pre-ordered 7569,7570, and 7571. Yay for free shipping!
    I wanted 7573 but I didn’t want to commit myself to that much money.

  3. wunztwice

    I’m right there with you. I love ‘natural’ hues, but from the images it looks more like unnatural regurgitation…

    If it is indeed the old dark flesh, or any of the ‘current’ dark oranges I would be pleased. If this is LEGO adding another color, which will only mold a few specific ‘special’ parts, I say first give me a bigger range in dark brown or dark tan!

  4. kunert

    I think it’s great that new pieces here will make great supplements for unproduced Indiana Jones. In 7571, the white headgear will make a great Tanis map room Indy, the camels, etc.

  5. Tristan C

    These look lovely… lots of sandy colors, a great number of new pieces, and the return of the old skellies?

  6. IanxIntrospect

    AGHGHHHHHHH new turbans, helmet, double back sheath, ostriches, camels, and LEGO jake gyllenhaal???? AGGGGHHGHG

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