Hero Factory replaces Bionicle in August 2010 [News]

News from Wizard World Magazine reveal pictures of successors of Bionicle: Hero Factory. The plot of the new line describes certain Heroes who fight evil across space and time, which pretty much sets the stage for an infinite possibility of expansions. At a decent price of $7.99, you can purchase your Hero when they arrive in August of this year.

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20 comments on “Hero Factory replaces Bionicle in August 2010 [News]

  1. Catsy

    Meh. Granted I’m not much of a fan of Bionicle to begin with, so I’m sure that biases me somewhat. Nevertheless, this looks pretty… bad. The parts specialization is even worse than Bionicle (what is with those godawful branded chestpieces?), the names and story are dumber… I guess the price point isn’t bad, and it can’t possibly be as bad as Galidor, but I’m having a hard time doing anything but rolling my eyes here.

    The one thing I can hope for is that they avoid all the Bionicle-only colors that didn’t quite match anything in the System palette. A lot of otherwise usable pieces are very nearly unusable because the color doesn’t match anything else in Lego.

  2. David4

    Doesn’t really replace Bionicle if Bionicle is still in the name. lol

    They still suck, but at least they are cheaper.

  3. chip1225

    They are COOL but they are replacing Bionicle! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Hero Factory, Must Buy in August!

  4. Kaitimar

    Fighting evil across space and time? I wonder if they’ll visit any of the greedy bankers? Nah, must not bother kiddies with that. They’ll probably just beat up the usual crazed super-willans.

  5. Benjamin P

    As a Bionicle fan, I’ll say that, to me, these are not being budgeted into my LEGO spending this year.
    If any bigger sets have pieces I feel like MOCing with, then I’ll consider those.
    With these, however, I don’t even think I want a helmet off of BrickLink for a MOC.

    I also doubt it will have the engaging, grabbing, 9-10 year story like Bionicle did.

  6. Benjamin P

    @Kevoh: No, LEGO discontinued Bionicle sets just recently, their “Stars” series being it’s last (for now). They are replacing it with this line, continuing the “buildable action figure” theme. Think how Bionicle is the evolution of Slizer Throwbots and Roboriders; this is a continuation of the ball-joint system.
    (Personally though I have yet to see color-coordinated MOCing potential yet with HF.)

  7. mrnervouz

    The only good thing in Bionicle sets was some parts… moreover joints or wings… As I could see from the pics these sets are much more simple than old bionicles… (no joint in legs or arms). No way to buy them. I’m going to check Bricklink for my joints….

  8. Creative Anarchy

    Wow.. I thought Ben 10 was a downgrade from bionicle. These guys look like they have maybe 10-12 pieces? Just giant proprietary sculpts. The only motivation I’d have to spend money on these is to show off how I can integrate the silly things into a MOC. I could certainly buy that these will be popular with younger kids, but if they aren’t the next Bionicle, there will be shelves piled high with them because nobody else is likely to buy them.

  9. christian p.

    I felt as though they rushed the end of bionicle and now i find out its for this. What a rip off.

  10. George

    This is very offensive to me. I have spent 9 years of my life loving and learning everything i can about bionicle! I’d say i know about 90% of all there is to know about it. Ive heard that these “things” are replacing bionicle because the storyline was “woefully confusing”. Yea right! I didnt spend 9 years (over half of my life!!) for bionicle to be replaced by cheap knock-offs!
    I hope they fail horibly!

  11. Benjamin Paczak

    I think you need to look up what the word “offensive” means…

    Also, the most recent posts, by the way guys, are flame and not really helping contribute. Yelling here will not help.

    (Also, you just aged yourself.)

  12. armys

    Hero Factory is nice, but still a begin of something. I’m a big fan of Bionicle, and end of it made me sad

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