GrayMud Security E.M.U. Mecha

Builder Tsan-Nien added me as a contact yesterday, and I couldn’t get over his latest creation. This is a great mecha, I really enjoy the mechanical exo-skeleton feel.

It has some style similarities to to a Matrix APU, or some smaller exo-suits we’ve seen before, but it also has a lot of cool, unique features. I especially like the fan/vent/cylinder things on the sides, and the gorilla-like proportions.

GrayMud Security E.M.U. Mecha

5 comments on “GrayMud Security E.M.U. Mecha

  1. Creative Anarchy

    It’s definately greebletastic but it realy looks like it’s missing coverring plates. It just feels like to much exposed machinery. I do love the posture. This is exactly how I picture hardsuit mecha as being, long arms for extra stability or utility, cockpit high and central over what the frame is working on but enclosed to protect the opperator.

  2. Fred

    I love it. I ride a “naked” crotch rocket motorcycle. I’ve always preferred the exposed innards over the slick Japanese bikes with all the plastic panels. This thing looks like it crawled out of a junk yard. It has soul.

  3. Dan Post author

    Hey, I love Taiwan, my wife was born there! I’d be happy to blog more MOCs from over there, if folks would just post them in places where I look at LEGO.

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