Dragon Unit Zero One [Updated]

I believe that the best builders are always trying out new techniques and new styles. For my latest creation, I tried to really push myself to do something new, and ended up well outside of my comfort zone.

I’ve never really worked with orange before building this mecha. I’d also never used multiple ball joints to create a spine in a mecha before this attempt. In addition, this was an attempt at a style of mecha, based on existing art, that I’d never attempted before.

Dragon Unit Zero One

I haven’t made up my mind yet as to whether this was really a successful build, but I do know that it’s done. I’m really curious as to what people will think of it.

[Edit] I got some great suggestions to improve the Dragon Unit from a variety of sources. Thanks to an ample dosage of peer pressure from Andrew Lee, here’s the MK II version.

2 comments on “Dragon Unit Zero One [Updated]

  1. Master X

    Well I would have to say I like it the hands are a great Idea I have never thought of. The only thing I don’t like is it seems to bulky….

  2. cjedwards47

    The source material is certainly bulky, but I think the poses make the bulk equate to power. Are the legs on your version flexible enough to have it crouch down a little more?

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