Dutch Courage

Dandens LEGO NS 1800

The NS 1800 (link in Dutch) is a common sight on railways in the Netherlands and I’ve seen various LEGO versions of it and its predecessor throughout the years. This one by Danden is a particularly fine 6-wide specimen and, even better, beautifully photographed for our viewing pleasure. And I have to give extra credit for managing to line those cheese slopes up so perfectly.

Thanks to Carl Greatrix for pointing me to this beauty.

5 comments on “Dutch Courage

  1. alldarker

    Excellent rendition of a loc I know well! The real things push me to and from work every day (yes, pushes: they are often tethered behind the passengers’ coaches)…

  2. Melfice

    The NS 1600 and 1800’s (Basically the same train, but the 1800’s belong to NS Commuters and the 1600’s belong to NS Cargo) are true workhorses of the Dutch railways.
    They’re basically used for anything from cargo to commuter service.

    This is a brilliant rendition of an iconic Dutch locomotive.
    I do wonder how the grating on the side is done, though.

  3. Melfice

    Aye… a closer look after I made that comment showed me that.
    I’ll learn to look close before I ask someday. :P

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