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We recently posted about a store where you can buy custom chromed LEGO elements. Here is a review of products from

To put things simply, the quality of the chrome elements are what you’d expect from LEGO’s chrome parts. The layer of chrome is the result of a procedure that industrially evaporates metal onto the brick, resulting in a very thin coating that doesn’t hinder the fit with other LEGO pieces. The chrome surfaces also resist scratching, which means they can handle a moderate amount of play while remaining in their pristine condition.

ChromeBricks currently offers three colors of chrome including gold, silver, and a new copper chrome. Consistency of color among the parts is flawless. When compared with chrome LEGO elements, the silver is also an exact match while the gold is darker than LEGO’s chrome gold (LEGO does not currently produce chrome copper bricks). The richer chrome gold color results from actual gold being used to coat the bricks!

On the flip side, ChromeBricks differs from LEGO bricks where most of the parts from the former are not coated on the interior or underside. This should not be a concern since the uncoated sections will not be visible in a LEGO creation.

Overall, I recommend ChromeBricks for their high quality of parts. The price of each piece can be on the expensive side, but the cost is justified (you can ask other custom vendors who have tried to chrome LEGO bricks). Shipping is relatively inexpensive and very fast (about a week to the US) while the parts are individually packed in separate baggies. If you want to make a few minifigs with chrome accessories, this is definitely the store for you. For those interested in customizing a car model with chrome bricks, you probably need more money than pocket change.

6 comments on “ChromeBricks review

  1. Melfice

    “For those interested in customizing a car model with chrome bricks, you probably need more money than pocket change.”

    *Looks down at his clenched hand, filled with quarters and dimes.*

    That stuff really does look superb, I must say. Would definitely buy some if I had any use for it.
    As it stands… I do not.

  2. gigahound

    That chain is phenomenal. How did they get the individual links fully coated without all the overlaps becoming a hindrance? I’ve always wanted chrome silver chains.

  3. Ricecracker

    I was going to buy some parts for the bumper of a fire truck, but $40 for just a bumper is too much for me. Thanks for the review regardless.

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