Australian Crawl

LEGO Train Station

Looks like the Train Tech Building Contest at Eurobricks is bringing train fans out of the woodwork. Josh Morris (I Scream Clone) has drawn inspiration from his local Wollongong (wool-on-gong to the non-natives) stations for this cute little destination. I’m particularly drawn to the grille bricks under the arches but given the scarcity of Aus-inspired train stations it was always going to be a winner in my eyes.

1 comment on “Australian Crawl

  1. jpmanalo

    I used to to live down in the ‘Gong (i.e. Wollongong Region), and before I read the text to this blog entry, I blurted out “Gee, that building almost looks like the station building at Wollongong railway station!”. I nearly fell out of my chair when I read that Josh’s inspiration is *indeed* Wollongong Railway Station! lol :-)

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