Where evils flood and the falls run blood

Innocently disguised by the name Hill House, this demonic diorama by einsteinonthebeach is a work that would delight any Satanic cultist or others simply looking for a cool creation. Don’t miss out on the gory details such as the guillotine, the pentagram sacrificial altar, and the nice and warm blood bath.

5 comments on “Where evils flood and the falls run blood

  1. Daedalus

    So many great details. The sluices are nasty but a great touch and the children of the corn cracked me up.

  2. eti

    It happens that I just built a devils’ castle too, for CC’s 32×32 contest. But my devils are pussies compared to these guys – these are really evil! So many great details and so many horrible things I would never have thought of. Love those attacking ants, they really seem to come marching out of that hole. Brilliant!

  3. Creative Anarchy

    I have to admit I’m a sucker for goulish humor in MOCs. There’s just something about the innocence of lego that makes violence and gore represented in bricks very amusing to me. This thing is like a hundred great vignnettes snapped togather. Also there is some great mini-scale modelling in the pentagram and other routine castle parts. I love this piece.

  4. LegoFace42

    Just brilliant. A masterpiece. Love all the ‘horror’ rooms and I think that blood flow throughout is a great touch. You should make instructions for the various parts, I’d buy ’em. Great work!

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