The Sleeper Has Awakened

A different Stefan (2×4) than the guy who built the Sunblade below has built the great maker. He’s captured the feel of the sandworms from the old Dune movie perfectly. The three-way split mouth filled with teeth is absolutely perfect. Also note the micro shuttle (there are no wings, so it can’t be an ornithopter) for scale.

Stefan's Dune Sand Worm

While you’re in Stefan’s gallery, make sure to check out his light-cycles too.

2 comments on “The Sleeper Has Awakened

  1. Ochre Jelly

    …this guy is rapidly becoming one of my favorite builders!

    So who prefers the Lynch movie over the SciFi mini series? I think I like them both, but for different reasons.

  2. Tristan C

    Fantastic build, though as a Dune fan there are a few… nitpicks I have to make. Firstly, the sandworms are technically tan and brown, although that might have changed in the movie (I’ve never seen it), and a sandworm would never travel aboveground unless Fremen are riding it. if a single stud was added to its back near the head, that’d satisfy me… apart from that one would never go that close to a rock formation on the surface, and generally their mouths are closed when not rearing up.

    …..Yeah, I’m a nerd. Wonderful build though.

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