Heavy Assault Vehicle/wheeled A6 Juggernaut

Sven Junga built the Clone Turbo Tank like I’ve never seen before. Measuring 120 studs, the model is the ground equivalent of a SHIP. The wheel construction stands out the most to simultaneously amaze and baffle. I wish I was this good when I was 15.

5 comments on “Heavy Assault Vehicle/wheeled A6 Juggernaut

  1. Artahn

    okay, so 15 year olds aren’t supposed to be this good…

    That’s a load off my mind. I swear, looking at the creations posted here can be REALLY deppressing.

  2. JimmytheJ

    You say you wish you were that good when you were 15. It’s the -parts- I’d want. Seriously, that guy must be spoilt rotten! In a good way!

    Anyway, I’d want to build an AT-AT, not a Turbo Tank from the era or weirdening. (I might just be bitter that I’m 16 now, and thus not likely to make people make that comment… plus, I think it would take about 16 more years of collecting before I could gather the parts to build that)

  3. onetruescotty

    and by “Not a turbo tank” I mean not the set. Comparing this to the crappy set is an atrocity.

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