BrickCon 2009 is coming in just a few weeks! [News]

The deadline for online BrickCon ’09 registration is Sept 15th! After that you can only register at the venue. Also, if you register before the deadline, you are guaranteed your personalized brick badges and all sort of cool BrickCon swag.

Oh yes, hotels are filling up too, so get on the ball!

While you are at it, check out this cool promo video for BrickCon. You might spot someone or something you recognize….I did.

By the way, Andrew, Caylin, Thanel, and I will be attending. Other contributors may be as well. If you see any of us, make sure you introduce yourself!

17 comments on “BrickCon 2009 is coming in just a few weeks! [News]

  1. CzaR

    I must attend this year! Last couple years I had made plans, had a good MoC showcase, just could not afford boarding costs for 3 days.

  2. Josh Post author

    Oh, don’t worry. We know what you look like and will find you. We have hidden cameras in all of our reader’s homes. Haven’t you ever heard of “Big Brother” and how he’s watching? That’s me.

    All joking aside (at least you think I’m joking), you can see me if you click on my link in the right-hand sidebar. If you find me, and beat it out of me, I might direct you to everyone else…..

  3. JD_Luse

    Will Nannan be there? I noticed you didn’t mention him when you listed the Brothers (and sister) that’ll be there.

    This year I’ll hopefully have the courage to say hi to you guys. =)

  4. the enigma that is badger

    Happy to report I took a long look at my work schedule and figured out a way I could make it to Seattle! I’ll only be able to make it out Friday night, but I figure that leaves three full days of BrickCon goodness to soak in.

  5. Josh Post author

    @JD_Luse – We don’t know if Nannan will be there or not. He’s been very busy with school and such. Currently, the only TBBers confirmed are Andrew, Myself, Thanel, and Caylin.

    And you’d better get up the courage to introduce yourself! :-)

  6. Jacob

    JD, I should hope you have the guts to introduce yourself to at least a few people. ;)

    And, as a word to all neophytes, don’t ever be afraid to get someone’s attention and introduce yourself. Unless they’re already clearly occupied, they will always be happy to see you. Once you’ve said hello, it gets much easier.

  7. JD_Luse

    Thanks Josh.

    And don’t worry you guys, this time I’ll be there all four days so I’ll have plenty of time to get the guts. =) I did talk to Shannon Young and Shawn Snider last year. That was cool.

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