Here’s to all those injured Bionicles out there

They should be happy now. Juho William has made them a wheelchair. And a lovely thing it is too.

LEGO Wheelchair Bionicle

Thanks to Joe for the tip off.

5 comments on “Here’s to all those injured Bionicles out there

  1. Dan

    I learned recently that the base price of a wheelchair doesn’t include the cost of the wheels.

    This MOC seems to include the wheels, and they’re very nice. I like the tread around the xpod lids too.

  2. Louise Dade

    Well, I for one, totally want a full-sized version of this.

    @Dan – the price of wheelchairs is ridiculous (not sure about the base-price thing, though)… and when you start adding motors *sigh*.

  3. Bundalings

    Haha, I didn’t know you were part of the grammar police, Cags.

    That is indeed a fine wheelchair.

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