A place for the literate fig

I’m working on my second LEGO creation, which is in the Cafe Corner standard, so I’ve been looking around for good examples of that theme and am especially enjoying any builds that incorporate all kinds of interior details. “Page*s Books” by notenoughbricks sure fits the bill. It’s been under construction for over a year, and looks like it was well worth the effort.

notenoughbricks book store

The exterior has fun little details, including a flower piece as an apostrophe and nice use of a DUPLO water barrel, but the interior is what won me over for sure. The ground floor is a bookstore complete with genre sections, reading couches, stepping stools and a cash register. The upper floors are an apartment, including a big screen TV (with specs, just in case you needed them) and a nearly functional bathroom.

notenoughbricks apartment

Also, it’s just wonderfully colorful and if I were a fig, I would love to live in this apartment above a bookstore. Wouldn’t you? Check out the whole photoset for details.

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  1. NTXCoog

    I’m amazed at the level of detail some of these creations have.

    I have a noob question about a project like this or the Yankee Stadium project. After spending a year or years on these creations, what do you do when you’re satisfied that you’re done?

    Do you keep it like this forever? Do you take pictures and tear it down because you need the pieces for other creations?

    On a creation that takes a couple of hours or days, I think it wouldn’t be too tough to tear it down because you could always re-build without too much effort. But when a project takes years of your life, it must be tough to take it apart. On the other hand, a large number of bricks isn’t cheap so if you want to keep building, you have to have the bricks.

  2. Daedalus

    My understanding is that, after a year or more, many people are all too glad to rip their creation apart. I’m sure it’s different for everyone, but unless it’s designed to be toted all over the place, most are probably ‘decommissioned’ for use in future projects.

    As for this particular building, I like the idea but all those colors make my eyes bleed. I think this would look much better if the floor was more patterned.

  3. Drizdar

    For me, it really depends on whether or not the creation has any sentimental value or not, and if you really need the parts or not. I mean I really don’t care about ripping sets apart since you can always put them together again, but for mocs, it really depends on how nice it (and it’s pictures) are.

    About the moc, it looks awesome, with the interior being especially extraordinary.

  4. Ryan H.

    I try to keep all my creations together that I can, for as long as I can — but I take them apart if I really need a part from them, which I often do.

    Also, “Oh noes!” at the new TBB slogan. Another meme? Really? :/
    …Actually, I kind of like it. :)

  5. notenoughbricks

    You asked how long people keep their MOCs together. My answer would be until you run out of space to display them, tire of looking at a MOC or run out of bricks that you need from a particular MOC to complete another MOC.

    With this particular MOC I think I will keep it together for quite a long time. It is part of a growing Modular Town street that I have been calling LEGO Boulevard. I want this display to stretch at least another 2 buildings and by the time I complete 2 more buildings it will be at least another year or two. This MOC also made it to TBB so it has a sentimental value for me.

    In response to the floor being more patterned, I guess you were talking about the floor in the bookstore. I see your point. I tried patterning each floor but wanted the bookstore to be bright and colorful.

    Thanks for the compliments and comments over on flickr.

    For others who have been blogged here, does this make you reluctant to tear your featured MOC apart?

  6. Daedalus

    It was indeed the store floor. The layout is very nice, and I don’t necessarily mind the sea of colors, but it was the lack of pattern in that area that didn’t sit well with me. Of course, I’m pretty anal about stuff like that in general. Besides, it’s your MOC, so what I think doesn’t really matter. ;)

  7. notenoughbricks

    No problem. I usually strive for patterns as well but went the other way for bookstore floor. Just wanted it to look different/colorful/non-patterned. Everyone is entitled to own opinion.

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