One more way to kill Jar Jar

Luke Chapman‘s vignette is hilarious, but it wouldn’t have been featured without the bubbling acid effects, which I’ve only seen in one other place. I wonder what R2’s thinking.

9 comments on “One more way to kill Jar Jar

  1. Tananavalley

    Everything about this is fantastic. Their poses are hilarious and the angle of the shot is perfect.

    @stephensdude: If you got something to say brother, just say it.(sheesh)

  2. kunert

    I showed this to my kids, age 8 and 5, and they immediately skeletized their Jar Jar and recreated this scene as best they could.

  3. kunert

    to Luke Chapman: just imagine a build from the “what it is… is beautiful” ad with skeletized Jar Jar hanging from a chain.

  4. kunert

    Call me slow, but I just figured out that R2D2 head is from The new Anakin Y-wing. I kind of ignore Clone Wars sets, because who would have thought a Clone Wars minifig would actually be an improvement over a Classic SW minifig?

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