9 comments on “One more way to kill Jar Jar

  1. Tananavalley

    Everything about this is fantastic. Their poses are hilarious and the angle of the shot is perfect.

    @stephensdude: If you got something to say brother, just say it.(sheesh)

  2. kunert

    I showed this to my kids, age 8 and 5, and they immediately skeletized their Jar Jar and recreated this scene as best they could.

  3. kunert

    to Luke Chapman: just imagine a build from the “what it is… is beautiful” ad with skeletized Jar Jar hanging from a chain.

  4. kunert

    Call me slow, but I just figured out that R2D2 head is from The new Anakin Y-wing. I kind of ignore Clone Wars sets, because who would have thought a Clone Wars minifig would actually be an improvement over a Classic SW minifig?

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