LEGO recalls power functions IR speed remote control

The power functions IR speed remote control has been recalled by LEGO from the US and Canadian market due to the potential hazard from the overheat of the batteries. This marks only the third LEGO product to be recalled. For more information, click on the picture below to access the official report.

6 comments on “LEGO recalls power functions IR speed remote control

  1. Brad

    They recalled a Duplo truck in 2006 because the wheels could come off and the axle represented a puncture risk:

    I do not know what the other recall was, but googling around revealed this recall from 1996/97:

    Apparently, LEGO sold a rattle and there were incidents were infants got it stuck in their mouths (the press release doesn’t indicate that there were any injuries). It was not sold in North America.

  2. Starwars4J

    They recalled the magnets not that long ago due to the potential for them coming together in a child’s throat, posing a choking risk.

  3. Creative Anarchy

    That sucks. I’m not a fan of the radial remote they have for the RC cars. I hope they’ll fix this design issue quickly and re-release this style of remote.

  4. David4

    The magnets were never recalled, The USA followed the EU and made small magnets in children toys illegal. That’s the short easy version. So that’s why the new Trains and magnet sets are different.

  5. Brad

    Just to followup on David4’s post, LEGO magnets were never recalled and there is no evidence that LEGO products caused any damage to children (I know, I sound like a corporate shill; sorry!) LEGO redesigned its magnets for the 2009 toy line to comply with expected safety rules.

    TBB had a post about this in 2008:

    The dangerous magnets in question were from Magnetix toys (owned by MEGA Brands, Inc.). They were recalled in 2006 and the recall was expanded in 2007. The CPSC release can be read here:

    The problem was not that they were a choking hazard, but that the tiny and powerful magnets could become separated from the toy–see the pictures in the CPSC release–and then be swallowed. If more than one magnet or a magnet and metal object(s) were swallowed by a child, they would be attracted to each other and cause internal damage.

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