The end of Hrothingas Castle

If you ever wondered what happened to Daniel Z‘s Hrothingas Castle, here is the conclusion to his castle evolution project, showing that not even the mightiest fortresses can stand up to the erosion of time.

Here’s a cool progression picture showing all stages of development:

5 comments on “The end of Hrothingas Castle

  1. Benjamin P

    He took it apart?!?!
    Wow, he must have been planning this all along, or his cat knocked it off the table.
    What a great end to an excellent piece of work. The stages concept was very interesting, and this was such a well thought out project.

  2. Robo-Knight

    I’ve always wondered, did he just change 1 Castle or build 7 separate Castles?

    Either way, fantastic work I hope he at leasts puts the castle back at stage 6.

  3. Rens

    Is this the last stage, or is the scooter castle the last one? On the stages list, this stage is before the scooter stage, but the title says that this is the end.

  4. Daniel Z -DNL-

    Robo-Knight: I changed the same castle, I don’t have the money or parts to build six separate castles, and it would also be really boring to build the same landscape six times!

    Rens: The ‘scooter castle’ (stage 6) is the last stage, i decided to build than one before stage five to save time. If i had built stage five first i would have had to rebuild the complete castle again for stage six.

  5. Creative Anarchy

    This has become one of my favorite lego projects now. Just having a sense of closure really turns a neat lego evolution into a narrative about this place. It’s sort of a shame you don’t have the bricks to build all of the castles simultaniously. This would be a cool set to show off at conventions.

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