The Dark Side is stronger than AAA

Having conquered the Cute, Chris McVeigh (powerpig) is at it again.

Emperor Palpatine jump-starting Darth Vader's car

It’s Emperor Palpatine jump-starting Darth Vader’s roadster with force lightning. What more is there to say?

8 comments on “The Dark Side is stronger than AAA

  1. stephendsdude

    Wow. This is… er… interesting. This is puzzling me. Why didn’t they just use Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter instead?

  2. stephendsdude

    Well then use a landspeeder. Wheeled vehicles are almost primitve in the world of Star Wars.

  3. Clefspeare

    “Next Time on Imperial Power: Palpatine charges Grand Moff Tarkin’s Electric Razor!”

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