LEGO studs as Braille

Why has nobody ever done this before? Well, Anthony Sava (SavaTheAggie) may be the first.

LEGO Braille 'Play Well'

The Braille text spells “Leg Godt” — “Play Well” in Danish, and the origin of the toy’s name.

4 comments on “LEGO studs as Braille

  1. stephendsdude

    This could be a new thing out in the real world. If the Braille signs were misspelled or the rooms changed, the Braille signs could be re-built to fit to the new sign.

  2. Rocko

    Hell, I’ve been incorporating Braille into all of my MOCs for years. I’m surprised that no blind people have noticed it in my photos.

  3. stephendsdude

    LOL. -_-
    Im not trying to prove you wrong, but will you please hsow me a photo of the Braille on opne of your MOCs?

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