LEGOLAND California is hiring model builders

Some of you may already be aware because this announcement came out earlier this week. I ran across it when reading posts by Ryan Wood on From Bricks to Bothans (FBTB) and Mariann Asanuma on the flickr LEGO group. I post it here for good measure. Apologies for not giving the scoop on this earlier, but here’s the quick and dirty: LEGOLAND California (LLCA) is hiring model builders.

Not only are they hiring, part of the application process looks fun. On Wednesday June 24th and Thursday June 25th, they will be holding a competition at LLCA in Carlsbad, where applicants will be tested on speed, skill, teamwork and creativity. Initial events will be on the 24th and finalists will move on to additional activities on the 25th. The 6 winners will be helping design the Dune Raiders attraction in California as well as advance design work for the parks being developed in Dubai and Malaysia.

Go to the online application here and search in the “CREATIVE/DESIGN” category. Model builder will be the only option in that category. I won’t reinvent the wheel as far as giving the details of the job qualifications. Ryan, Mariann and the official job description all do a good job at that, so I encourage you to link to those resources.

Jabba Ears

Believe it or not, the picture above is relevant. The silly person posing with Jabba is Andy Grubb, a model designer at LLCA, and Jabba was built by Bill Vollbrecht, who is also a designer there. From hanging out at LLCA all weekend with several model builders, one important tip is that handinesss is handy.

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