BrickWorld 2009, Friday June 19th

Continuing coverage of this year’s BrickWorld, I bring you photos from Friday of the four day weekend event. A few noteworthy news items to mention include an unofficial announcement that LEGO will be producing Disney themed sets starting with Toy Story, Cars, and Prince of Persia. Also, BrickArms and BrickForge bring new items and colors to the show, which will result in our usual review soon. Stay tuned as we bring you more coverage from the front line.

Meanwhile, check out more pictures taken by Chris Edwards, Bill Ward, and Bluesecrets.

5 comments on “BrickWorld 2009, Friday June 19th

  1. Josh

    Yeah, you beat me to it, Ryan. Why an “unofficial” announcement now? What does that even mean? Nannan, was this announcement made by a speaker or what?

  2. Cavorter

    If anyone knows how to get ahold of Nannan, a kid got too close to his display next to Micropolis and knocked parts of it over. I got Brian to say something over the PA but not sure if he was in range to hear it.

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