Firas gets all revved up

Firas Abu-Jaber takes a walk on the wild side with a Volkswagen Hotrod. While I love his modern supercars, this is a refreshing change for a very talented builder…

LEGO Volkwagon Hotrod Herbie

There are lots more photos to see on MOCPages.

4 comments on “Firas gets all revved up

  1. Andrew

    As much as I admire Firas’s modern supercars, it’s great to see him step outside his normal style — with excellent results!

  2. Lino M

    yes, it is good to see Firas build outside of his comfort zones. I’d love to see him do more classics and nostalgic cars but he is such a gifted builder that he will excel at anything he attempts.

  3. The Mad Physicist

    Very nice. I have a thing for Beetles and it’s great to see Firas’ take on the subject. His super car models are outstanding, but out of his car models I probably like this one the best -so far. I’m already curious as to what’s next.

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