They call it “The Secret Underground World of Lego”

Ignite, a presentation event, recently showcased “the secret underground world of Lego” in a five minute talk about the crazy things we hardcore LEGO fans do. Check out this stand-up comedy styled clip from Hillel Cooperman, a member of SeaLUG, who recently came out of his dark ages.

Edit: Those readers with young children may want to know that there are a few expletives used in this presentation. Use your own discretion. (J)

8 comments on “They call it “The Secret Underground World of Lego”

  1. Kevoh

    “…but then you have no little guys to ride in your ships, and that’s difficult”

    teehee, I like this bit.

  2. Grand Admiral

    I know he was trying to be funny, but the “people who don’t date/are virgins/NERRRRRRDS” thing is so incredibly old, tired, and lazy.

  3. Thanel

    We’re not alone. I dragged my wife on a 2-hour scouting mission for organizational systems yesterday.

    Great presentation.

  4. Dan

    @Mark: Yeah, no kidding about the not dating schtick. Especially considering that he mentions his own wife and children in his presentation. In fact, a surprisingly large number of AFOLs have foxy wives.

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