Kotaku previews LEGO Rock Band at E3 2009 [News]

LEGO Rock Band logoKotaku spent some time at E3 playing the upcoming LEGO Rock Band game and reports some early impressions:

The problem with this game is all in the name. LEGO Rock Band makes you wonder “why LEGO?” Maybe “Rock Band: Play Rock Band With Your Kids” would have been better.

Because if you don’t have kids, this game is largely pointless. It’s Rock Band, except with a more pedestrian songlist, and no real changes to the way the game is structured, or plays.

But that’s if you don’t have kids. If you do have kids around, and want a game to play with them, well. This looks pretty damn good.

Read the full article on Kotaku.

And in case you missed it, here’s the game’s trailer:

3 comments on “Kotaku previews LEGO Rock Band at E3 2009 [News]

  1. the enigma that is badger

    Completely agree. I’m not interested in the game at all, but more than a few of the minifig designs and accessories shown in this video look great. I’d certainly love a small line of sets based on this game.

    One question: as a licensed line, I’m not surprised to see fleshies, but given these aren’t explicitly based on any real individuals (as far as I’m aware), wouldn’t the iconic yellow fig be more appropriate?

  2. JD_Luse

    “So What” is a kids song? That’s a new one. Just listen to the verses and I don’t think your average mom would want her Lego loving kid to be singing along.

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