Clone Jedi Elite Captain Glorious takes to the skies!

Uspez Morbo gives the Republic Gunship design a seriously awesome upgrade with his Blackhawk.

Clone Jedi Elite Captain Glorious' Blackhawk

Naturally, Clone Jedi Elite Captain Glorious has a cool swoop bike to jaunt around planets in the Outer Rim.

Clone Jedi Elite Captain Glorious' swoop

Read all about Clone Jedi Elite Captain Glorious on MOCpages.

20 comments on “Clone Jedi Elite Captain Glorious takes to the skies!

  1. bids888444


  2. Andrew Post author

    @bids888444: What mediocre said. And more specifically, LEGO does not accept set or theme ideas except when they ask — and certainly not through random comments on an unrelated blog post.

  3. Andrew Post author

    And you could at least get our name right. It’s “The Brothers Brick”. Given your tendency toward outburts, I’m beginning to suspect you’re in violation of the age limit seciton of our Terms of Service (read them).

  4. Will Thomas

    YA GUYZ I AGREE WITH bids888444. OMG!!!!!!11!111 THAT WOULD BE TEH BEST SET EVAR!!!!!1111111

  5. Andrew Post author

    ^ You may want to quit while you’re ahead. Given the proper grammar and adult-level articulateness of Will’s other comments, I suspect he was making fun of you. ;-)

  6. bids888444

    @Andrew (imitation is the most sincere form of flattery)

    Just to confirm Andrew!!! My age can be calculated from my username! (1984)

    I typed some comments last year with regard to new LEGO sets.
    They can be found scrolling down the following link (My username back then was bidzybaby2007):

    I would put it to you that I was responsible for suggesting the immaculate new 10195 LEGO REPUBLIC DROPSHIP and as a result of my comments = the set came into FRUITION, hooray!!!!

    Thankyou for approving my comments!
    Kindest Regards
    (I’ve never had so much fun responding to comments)
    CIAO FOR NOW! : )

  7. Andrew Post author

    Fair enough. :) You may then want to consider reducing the number of exclamation points you use to align more with adult-level conversations. ;-)

  8. Will Thomas

    “…may want to consider reducing the number of exclamation points you use…” Yeah, and caps as well. Just a tip, AL.

  9. bids888444

    Have you heard about the 10198 Lego Rebel Blockade Runner?
    (Tantive IV)

    Some Japanese website claims to have uncovered a list of 2009s future LEGO STAR WARS set releases.

    If your a true fan like me – you will realise that the Tantive IV is a ‘CR90 corvette’:

    Inkeeping with Uspez Morbo’s Sexy Diamond BLACK GUNSHIP
    I would like to see An ‘ARC’ Trooper Gunship (similar to link below)

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