The Lictor

The Lictor has arrived to guard the alien fleet. The armored carapace of the ship protects the sensitive components that lie beneath, waiting to unleash their power.

This one has been sitting on my build table 90% complete for months, but I finally got around to posting it. I also took the photos of this one the old fashioned way, after all the complaints about my use of HDR techniques making the photos look unrealistic.

Lictor's Ship

6 comments on “The Lictor

  1. ColourSchemer

    Those panels suggest armor to protect landing craft or mecha or swarm fighters.

    Stop aggrandizing, and blog someone else! No worries that your always-awesome stuff won’t get noticed.

  2. Dan Post author

    I blogged two other people’s MOCs the day before I blogged this! Anyways, when I joined TBB, Andrew told me to always blog my own stuff, so I’ve been blogging the big stuff I post.

  3. ColourSchemer

    Oh I was just joking.

    It’s clear from the photo that the thing needed blogged. Just saves a few steps if you do it.

    So, the alternative to all those other steps that Andrew posted is to be invited in as a fellow-blogger. Probably even HARDER to do than getting blogged on TBB.

    If only I’d ever take pictures of well anything I build…

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