10 comments on “Death from Above

  1. JFagerlund

    I thought up a whole army once, and I called them the Gesh. This guy looks just like the Gesh Leaper that I had in mind. You are free to use the name if you’d like. :)
    If you decide to use my suggestion, I have other similar units that I could describe to you for your usage.

  2. Optimystic

    Hmm, he kinda looks like a Harvey, like the Rabbit.

    When I first saw this Vig I thought of “The Pit and the Pendulum”.

    I guess you could call it GORT.

  3. Dean H

    Just so you guys know, you’ll probably want to put in your suggestions in coments on the Flickr photo (one per person), and you’re naming the faction, not this particular bot.

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