The locomotion

Carl Greatrixs LEGO loco

Unlike most pics we blog here the bulk of this isn’t LEGO. But the rear train is Carl Greatrix’s 9F loco on Pete Waterman’s (of Kylie Minogue fame) model train layout. I think it’s great to see just how well LEGO can stand against ‘real’ models.

2 comments on “The locomotion

  1. Firas Abu-Jaber

    For me, and in general I think that LEGO Models have a better looking than the real ones. Since I started building a real life cars, I gave all my actual scale cars models to my friend’s son, so I prefer LEGO models better than normal ones. Great post.

  2. Nolnet

    Wow, you really had me there. I searched the picture for LEGO for half a minute or so (landscape? no. tracks? no. something behind that black model engine on the right? no.)

    And then I saw the white headlight bricks…

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