Over on Flickr, L.D.M. has posted a very unorthodox space ship. He calls it Steamspace, although I’m not quite sure why, as I don’t see any sort of boiler or steam apparatus. Regardless of how much steam equipment is in this ship, it’s still pretty cool.

The shape is just so different from just about anything I’ve seen before, I can’t help but appreciate it. The color choices work well too (that’s brown, people).


5 comments on “Steamspace?

  1. Repoort

    I think there’s some sort of false implication of “Steampunk” when a MOC has some brown in it; negating wood.

    Nevertheless it’s a pretty sweet ship.

  2. Benjamin P

    Yeah, nnenn’s used brown before and it hasn’t been steam-anything.
    Great color choice(s), IMO. This looks cool.

  3. aglet

    Been following this blog for a few months now and haven’t seen a reason to sign up to be able to comment. Until now.

    That is the best thing I’ve seen made out of LEGO. That is one pretty looking piece of art. The design as well as the execution is flaw-less! Thanks for posting this. I daresay it made my day!

  4. brendanpowellsmith

    Ooh. Very unique and plausibly alien in design. Maybe steam and boiler apparati look different in space. Or maybe it’s just brown.

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